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NailArtClayCanes - Clay Canes for Nail Art NailArtClayCanes - Fimo for Nail Art
BeautyTech - Dedicated to Educate and Decorate NailArtCkay Canes - Dress Up Your Nail Art
Use our uber-sharp Slicing Blade
Our Nail Art Fimo Clay Canes are hand-made by select artisans and easy to use. Mix and Match with other items in your Nail Art Tool Box for one-of-a-kind works of art! Flowers
Sprint to Fall bloomers, even Poinsettias for the holiday season!
NailArtClayCanes - Fruity Fimo for Nail Art
In acrylic or gel for best results
Fruit Slices
The originator of the Fimo Cane as Nail Art!

Combine oranges, limes, lemons, grapes, strawberries and other food items to create the virtual Fruit Salad on your nail canvas!

with clear acrylic or gel for long lasting effects
From Valentines Hearts to Christmas lights and every holiday in between...
In just a few minutes you can create unique Nail Art for your clients.
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